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Please be advised that the cookies are not suitable for the personal identification of the visitor, on their own.

Cookies and other similar programs are used by the Hungarian Tourism Agency to know whether you have visited our website in the past, which subpages or other websites operated by the Hungarian Tourism Agency you visited, and further, to understand what specific functions and services you used, what type of information you searched for, or what type of information you may be interested in the most.

We use cookies essentially for collecting information to provide a better user experience at high quality, as well as to constantly improve our website. Some of the cookies are indispensable for the users to browse our website and to fully and smoothly use its functions and the services provided. These are the session cookies, which amongst other functions enable our system to remember the various operations performed by the visitor on a given page or function or service. Such cookies are valid exclusively during the current visit, and this type of cookies are automatically deleted from your PC upon the end of the session or upon closing your browser, if this is set under your browser settings. Performance cookies are used to collect information with regards to the patterns according to which visitors tend to use our website. These cookies collect information such as the specific page or subpage visited by the visitor, the specific part within the page the visitor clicked on, the number of pages or subpages opened, the other pages you visited, and the total duration of a page viewed, etc. The overall purpose of all this is to enhance and optimise our website and its functions, thereby improving the user experience, as well as to provide smooth services at a satisfactory level.

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The list of third party cookies or other similar programs currently used by our website include: various Google Analytics services (e.g. remarketing, Google Display network display reports, Google Analytics demographics and visitor preferences reports).

You can find Google’s Privacy Policy related to advertisements here.

You can get further information about the cookies used by Google Analytics here.

Google’s Cookie Policy can be found here.